45% Savings in Cost Per Conversion

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“We need to trim some ad spend”

A very specific niche client came to us looking to utilize their ad spend a little better. They were once doing very well, but tried another agency and costs sky rocketed. We took a look at every detail we could and came up with the “perfect” buyer in that niche. We targeted every aspect we could to that specific buyer persona. Some elements we looked at were conversion date, time, device, and with some industry insight, we locked in on to the ideal buyer as a: Job Site Controller/Supervisor”, on their desktop PC, placing orders on Mondays and Tuesdays at appx 6am. We placed our primary focus on what optimizations get our ads to them based on all the above findings. In the end we found exactly what they were looking for.


Drop in Cost Per Conversion


Drop in Adspend


Increase in Conversions