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Accelerate Your Search Engine Marketing

Google Pay per click (PPC) is a highly used approach of digital advertising in which a business can place ads on top search engine position to promote the business, product or service online. Rates are determined by the number of viewers that click on the advertisement, who are then redirected to the promoted landing page. PPC drives immediate response, and is especially beneficial for those looking to increase traffic to a website over a short period of time. PPC leveraging the best industry specific keywords and ad copy is critical to drive the right viewers to click through and learn more.

Increase Traffic Through Google Paid Ads

PPC is often used to support digital marketing campaign initiatives, specific products or services, and parallel with an SEO strategy to support early stages of website traffic generation. Search engine advertising is one of the most used forms of PPC, and such ads appear in keyword search results labeled “Ad” driving “purchased” viewers to a website.

By leveraging pay-per-click marketing services, MTG Marketing can help your website or campaign reach the next level. We create a customized strategy and reporting system tailored to your needs and business objectives to ensure your measure of success is our primary goal. Providing you support and guidance while managing your ad campaigns, we are able to maximize the return on your investment by increasing leads, traffic to your site, or creating viral brand awareness with measurable results.

Services Included:

  • Keyword Discovery & Selection
  • Text and Display Ad Creation
  • Conversion & Call Tracking
  • PPC Monitoring
  • Existing Adwords Auditing
  • Strategy Creation
  • Landing Page Design
  • PPC Cost Management