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WordPress Website Builds

Using the power of WordPress to build out our lead gen and ecommerce websites, this give us the ability to source thousands of plugins and themes from the WordPress depository or custom built. One of the biggest strengths with a WordPress website is the fact it grows with you. They can be built and scaled in a range of $2500 to $25,000 depending on complexity and size. We recommend using builders such as Divi or Avada to begin with, which allow for easy scalability.

Themes and Plugins

As mentioned above, the real strength of WordPress websites are the plentiful amounts of per-built plugins and themes. Some of these can very complicated, but at very reasonable prices, this development savings can be passed back on to the customer. Generally, setup is all that’s needed; however, some customizations are needed. A good WordPress stack that involves a solid builder is always our recommendation. This was no development goes to waste and your website can continually grow with you, without all the major development costs that go along with larger builds.

Woo Commerce

When it comes to ecommerce, WooCommerce is WordPress’ solution to that, and again, we love it. Same functionality and scalability for your online store.

Custom Coding

In the rare occurrence, custom coding might be needed. If you are looking for special features, filters or anything outside of the pre-packaged plugin, this can also be done.