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Advertise & Remarket on Social Media’s Largest Platform

, consumer Facebook is far and away the largest social media platform, with an average of 1.28 billion daily active users worldwide. Of course, reaching the world is not what makes Facebook important to your business – what matters to you is how well Facebook helps you reach your local customers.

Facebook targeting lets you reach extremely specific customers and prospects by location, demographics, device, and more — even specific interests.

Facebook Advertising

Using very specific targeting criteria’s, look a like audiences and testing we can get your ad in front of your target market to increase your sales and keep your ad spend in control. There are many ways to use the very powerful Facebook Ads platform to deliver your message from multiple angles and various personas’. Wheatehr you are selling consumer products, offering consumer services or building your email lists, Facebook Ads could be a very good option for your business.

Facebook Remarketing

A strong and important part of your marketing strategy should be Social Media. Even if your primary strategy isn’t a big push on social media, there’s a 90% chance that they do have a social account and are somewhat active on the platform. Remarketing is a very powerful approach, where you take a visitor who previous has visited your website, and you send them reminders (ads) that keep you front and top of mind when they are ready to buy. You can go as broad as your entire website or as specific as an action or a page to build your remarketing audiences.

We’ll create effective ads

As your Facebook Marketing Partner, we know how to make the most of Facebook’s powerful targeting technology to reach exactly the customers you want.

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MTG Marketing Digital Marketing & Design gives you a comprehensive, easy way to build your business with Facebook. We do all this and more…

We’ll help set up your page

Your Facebook business page is as important (or more) than your website – and it’s crucial that the two look and feel the same. We’ll help make sure your Facebook Page reflects your business and your brand.

We’ll post relevant content

The key to effective Facebook Marketing is posting content that is of interest to your customers – we’ll create and post content interesting enough to keep them coming back.